Dear Readers, Greetings from Kyoto, Japan. We have had a lot of ministries like receiving mission teams, visitors and usual ministries last few months. We expect all things glorify His name through our work and lives. Thank you always for your prayers and supports.

Prayer points

Pray for Membership Department would be prepared and led by His provision and strong intercession. Pray for all missionaries health; some are having hard time for some pain. Pray for new missionaries who have been here about 2 years, they need more strength and refreshment from God for settling down and getting to know Japanese people and culture.

This time we updates how Short term worker, Abby spent her 3 months volunteers work in Japan. She worked in Japan on the end of April, till mid of July, 2017

She usually stayed in Yamashina area, Kyoto and helped English classes, church ministry, and attended Karate classes and learned Japanese language in a regular bases as well as visited other churches in Nagahama, Kinomoto, Moriyama, Kusatu, Rakusai.

We appreciated her time and effort for helping us.

Here is her story.

What were your expectations?

I expected to be better at my tasks then I actually was. For example, I thought I would do well teaching kids, but it was a lot harder than I thought. I also felt before that it would be easy to make friends and get along, but the differences in language, culture, and personality made it difficult at times.

I didn’t think I would be bored and I definitely wasn’t. There was always something to learn or relearn like how to do laundry, get groceries, take transportation, and even things like how to make a friend.

How was your time?

It was probably the greatest experience of my life –so far. Meeting so many of the missionaries here was so enjoyable. Hearing their life stories, and the Journey God had them on was so inspirational. Just being in Japan sometimes was so overwhelming, because I wanted to come here since I was young. Seeing different kinds of animals and plants; everything felt so fresh and vibrant.

There were many challenges I never had to face before, like cultural differences, communication difficulties, personality clashes, new customs, and learning how to enjoy life. The challenges that came up helped me to grow in ways I never could back in the States.

My favorite times were whenever I could talk or hangout with Japanese people. Even though my Japanese wasn’t the best we still fun conversations, and we were able to relate to each other. I especially enjoyed the Japanese classes I went to. Everyone was so open and willing to share about themselves to help me understand more about the Japanese way of life.

Advice for new stw,Shrot term work?

For new STW I would say be flexible. Many things change and change often so don’t get stressed when everything isn’t going as planned. Remember you’re only here for a short time, while the other missionaries are here to stay. So, go with the flow and don’t let things get to you.

Also try not to have things your way; even if it might seem more efficient or effective. Keep focused on the purpose you came for, and take a step back at times to get a clear perspective, especially when you’re stressed out. Don’t be so worried about making mistakes as well. Time with God will absolutely be your biggest strength in facing anything that comes your way –take it seriously.

Take any chance you get to look around and explore. Go shop, walk by the river, or try out the many cafes around. Find somewhere that you can feel comfortable to escape to now and then.

My last piece of advice is spend time with people. You never know where you can make friends. Don’t be afraid to use whatever Japanese you have. You don’t know how you can change someone’s life forever. Proverbs 12:25 Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.