Long Term Opportunities in Japan

Church Planting

  • Japan still needs thousands churches for evangelization. Wec Japan is focusing on Church Planting. We are welcome to various people who have passion and calling for that. Your gifts and experiences will be very valued in creative and various approach for outreaching, making disciples, and gathering people around Christ. You are expected to do it as a one of team members.


  • WEC Japan are developing mobilization for Japanese into missions. It takes works of promoting missions, recruiting, training, caring and administration. If you have passion and any gift and experience for these. You can contact with us

Short Term Opportunities in Japan

Opportunities for individuals include the following

  • Teach – Language; other skills etc.
  • Outreach – Make friends; language exchange; outreach programs; creative arts; sharing testimony at meetings; leafleting
  • Support – Child care for conferences or free parents for ministry; IT assistance; administration; catering for conference; research; translation; specialists; work alongside a long term worker and help with their work; practical works (repairing & maintenance); media (promotion & evangelistic materials)
  • Encourage – Worship leading; help or encourage a tired LTW; prayer ministry

Opportunities for teams or groups include the following

  • Learn – Learn about missions in Japan through taking part in ministries and talking to missionaries
  • Camps and Events – Hosting and helping outreach camps and events
  • Prayer ministry – Prayer walk; intercessory prayer
  • Outreach – Street evangelism; leafleting
  • Encourage – Encourage missionaries, Japanese pastors and Christians through serving, hospitality, assisting at church services (i.e. testimonies), bringing supplies for missions and churches etc.
  • Project work – Building work; maintenance relief work(as necessary); local service work(cleaning streets, schools)